Path Map

Street of Kincardine, River Path

Street of Kincardine, located opposite Boat of Garten on the banks of the River Spey offers residents and visitors the chance for fine walks up and down the river with the possibility to observe some of the local wildlife associated with the Spey. The main access from the village down to the river has been a muddy trod across boggy ground and through birch woodland onto the riverbank.

The local community council and residents approached COAT to see if improvements could be made to the Core Path linking the village with the river. COAT surveyed the route in 2009 and in the summer of 2010 brought in a contractor to carry-out path improvements once planning consent was given.

The new path employs industry standard techniques to ‘float’ a raised aggregate path across the boggy ground – much improving the underfoot conditions and allowing users to observe their surroundings instead of looking where they are going.