Current Path Projects

Upland Paths – Our Current Path Projects

Upland paths protect the fragile landscape and special qualities of the Cairngorm Mountains whilst providing sustainable public access.

Selected Path Types

ClassificationStatusStart Gridref
Fiacaill a Coire CasCMHPuplandCompleteNO 3280773152
Coire an T’SneachdaCMHPuplandWork planned 2014NH 9868305698
Windy RidgeCMHPuplandCompleteNO3280773152
Carn Ban MorCMHPuplandWork planned 2014NN 8520897753
North Corries RimCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9917302725
Ben MacduiCMHPuplandCompleteNO 3280773152
Cairngorm PlateauCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9839800660
Coire RaibeirtCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9999803790
Beinn MeadhoinCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9917302725
StrathnethyCMHPuplandWork planned May 2014NJ 0232803286
Bynack MoreCMHPuplandWork planned Sep 2014NJ 0391708777
Lairig an LaoighCMHPuplandWork planned May 2014NJ 0029911057
BraeriachCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9589703725
Lairig GhruCMHPuplandCompleteNH 9381707530