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The Snub – Loch Brandy

“The Snub” is the top section of the path which leads from the Glen Clova Hotel up to Loch Brandy and then steeply up The Snub itself to the plateau area which lies to the north of Glen Clova. The path from the hotel is on the steep side at first to Loch Brandy and then the newly rebuilt path up The Snub is akin to a steep stone staircase. On a clear day the route is clear throughout. Once up on the plateau, there is a straightforward grassy walk around the Loch Brandy with a landslip area above the west side of the loch making an interesting feature – stay clear of the edge itself – you get a better view from the north side above the loch looking back. The views from the top of The Snub are extensive in all directions and worth the effort of getting there. The walkers bar in the hotel offers good refreshments and meals after the walk.

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The Snub – Loch Brandy

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