Kingussie to Newtonmore via Loch Gynack

Using locally dug materials the higher lever Loch Gynack trail greatly improved the access between the communities of Kingussie and Newtonmore.

Completed in two phases; phase one concentrated on waymarking and creating a new path leading from the ancient township of Auchtuchle to the Scottish Water track north of Newtonmore. Phase two created a much improved path with drainage features along the southern slopes of Loch Gynack linking from the Kingussie ‘Golf Course Circular path’ which heads down to Kingussie.

Path works/construction Date: Phase one 2009; Phase two 2010

ClassificationStatusStart GridrefEnd Gridref
Cairngorm LEADER/SNHcommunityMaintenanceNH74842 02354NH71876 01264
Kingussie to Newtonmore via Loch Gynack

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