Golf Course Circular, Kingussie

The Golf Course Circular path has had a number of phases of work carried out on it over the years. The path initially follows the north eastern slopes of Creag Bheag and therefore some of the path work has been more upland in style.

Phase one started where the path starts to rise up and along the hillside; The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) now The Conservation Volunteers built drainage features including stone built cross-drains. For Phase two, six trainees under COAT’s European Social Fund (ESF) training project constructed two sections of Boardwalk, one leading to the climbing crags and the other higher up on the golf course circular path. Due to the inaccessibility of the site a helicopter lift was used to deliver materials.

Phase three continued where the Conservation Volunteers left off, with contractors (formally from a COAT training project; The West Cairngorms Mountain Heritage Project) completing another section of upland style path with short sections of surfacing; anchor bars, cross-drains and waterbars.

Path works/construction Date: Phase one 2009; Phase two 2013; Phase three 2013

ClassificationStatusStart GridrefEnd Gridref
SNH/Scottish Government/CNPA/ESFcommunityMaintenanceNH75433 01618NH75618 02264
Golf Course Circular, Kingussie

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