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Corrie Chash and Broad Cairn

The Corrie Chash & Broad Cairn Path starts with the “Streak of Lightning” at the end of Loch Muick. This excellent old stalkers path makes its way steadily up hill at a relatively easy angle before leveling off at the head of the corrie to reach the land rover track. About half way up the hill beside the path stands a lone rowan tree which has largely escaped the attention of the local deer population. The land rover track leads to a wooden stable used during the shooting season. From here the path leads up to the shoulder of Broad Cairn and then up through the boulder fields protecting the summit. From Broad Cairn the path drops into a grassy col before rising again to the rocky summit of Cairn Bannoch.


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TMTP upland Sponsored by TAQA NO2741181845 NO2229282524

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