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Cemetery Path, Carrbridge

As part of the Cairngorms National Park Core Path Planning process the Cemetery Path was identified by the local community as one requiring surface improvement.

Before construction much of the circular route was impeded by Scots pine roots on the surface, as a result the potential for the path to be used by a greater number of path users was not being utilised e.g. motorised scooter; push chairs and cyclists.

To overcome the tree root issue rather than excavations to create a path tray for the aggregate a tough terram fabric was laid over the roots to protect them and then a sufficient layer of aggregate was laid on top and compacted to create the desired smooth surface along the line of the path.

Path work/construction Date: 2012

Project Classification Status Start Gridref End Gridref
CNPA/Scottish Government community Maintenance NH90362 22739 NH89982 22754

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