Mountain Path Appeal

Help us to Mend Our Mountains and protect our natural environment

The Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland is in the last few months of a unique 5-year project upgrading and repairing over 125km of mountain paths in Scotland.  The Mountains and The People Project  has to date, repaired over 100km of paths but there are still several more upland paths to complete and more money needed to achieve this work – and this is where we need your help.

With your support we can continue to repair eroded mountain paths in Scotland’s National Parks which will help to conserve and protect our unique upland environment. To make an online donation to support this vital work please click on the donate button below:


Scotland’s mountains are a place of incredible natural  beauty and diversity attracting visitors from all over the world.

Containing some of our most valued natural heritage assets, the mountains in Scotland’s National Parks enjoy special protection designations for reasons relating to ecology, geomorphology, geology and landscape. But they need our help!

The combination of Scotland’s cold, wet windy weather, steep hillsides, friable soil and fragile vegetation cover makes our upland areas particularly susceptible to erosion from even a relatively small number of users.  These natural circumstances coupled with the vast increase in visitor numbers has led to informal paths developing, causing the destruction of wildlife habitats.

Our National Parks are home to a vast array of magnificent wildlife such as mountain hares, grouse, snow bunting, buzzards, golden eagles, osprey, pine martens, wild carts, peregrine falcons, the highly vulnerable Dotterel and not forgetting one of Britain’s most threatened species – the magnificent Capercaillie.


Many of these species are dwindling because their  habitats have been damaged or lost.  The restoration of mountain paths offers people a defined walking line, reducing the risk of trampling over our precious upland environment, ensuring that the richness of the habitats and species which live within them remain for many generations to come.

Please Dig Deep!

And contribute to our programme of mountain path repairs

You can donate by Paypal or by Debit or Credit Card using the Donate link above or call us on          01738 444555 and we will process your payment over the phone.

Thank you for your support!