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The combination of Scotland’s cold, wet windy weather, steep hillsides, friable soil and fragile vegetation cover makes the upland areas particularly susceptible to erosion from even a relatively small number of users. The result ends up as unsightly scarring of our precious wild landscapes and habitat meaning intervention is necessary to ensure that continued access to these areas is not at the expense of the habitat and landscape which makes them special and attractive places to visit.

With Scotland’s two national parks covering an area of around 2,500 sq miles and attracting visitors between them of nearly 6 million annually with a significant number taking to the hills, its no surprise that our precious wild landscapes and habitats have become severely damaged.

Ben A’an in the Trossachs the picture on the left shows a section typical of collapse and erosion of the path before the upgrade was done. The right hand picture is the same section of path having been raised with anchor bars and water bar features.  








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In 2015, a groundbreaking project entitled The Mountains and The People began, involving the people of Scotland in the enhancement and protection of the wild and special qualities of the mountains within Scotland’s National Parks.  A significant part of this project is the repair and restoration of 125km of upland mountain paths, ensuring that continued access to our magnificent mountains is not at the expense of the surrounding habitat.

We are in the final year of this project and still have several more upland paths to complete – and this is where we need your help.  We need to raise £65,000 to bridge our funding shortfall and are looking for companies to sponsor an upland path, to help us get to our target.

The cost is just £1000 for a years sponsorship.  Can you help us finish this unique project in style?

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